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September seams to be only only back to school but back to training


Hello newbies Isabel and Sam

and good to see Lucy Steve and Jack return to us.




September was a busy month of training

in readyness for the grading,all the hard work paid off with the following students being promoted


Hubert to 9th kup white belt yellow stripe

Matt to 8th kup yellow belt

Austin to 8th kup yellow belt

Josh to 8th kup yellow belt

Joe to 8th kup yellow belt

Emila to 7th kup yellow belt green stripe

Len to 5th kup green belt blue stripe

Mike to 2nd kup red belt


Well done everyone.


We still have spaces for new comers

and very one is wellome along







Len 73 preparing for 2 minutes

pad sparring at his grading









The doors of the club will be open in 2019 for

anyone new or old to Taekwon-do , to come along and have a look at what all the fuss is about , no need to take part , your wecome to sit, watch and ask any questions you feel you may have regarding this fantastic sport , of course your welcome to join in if you would like to , if you do decide you'd like to try then we are offering  

 2 FREE training session's , and all you need is loose sports clothing and a drink.

내에서 강도

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tkd3 Tenets

Newbie shout out's in September

Isabel and Sam

Hello and welcome along



fist 20160313_160109 _20171009_085059

Mr Shields along side

Grandmaster Liversidge


Mr Shields has being added into the Martial Art Illistrated Hall of Fame


Student of the month

Tom Deeming




A massive well done to both Adrian and Meghan who after 4 years of hard work blood sweat and i'm sure a


few tears , where both sucessful in there Black belt testing on the 6th of July, under the watchful eyes of Grandmaster Liversidge, Mr Shields and Mr Judd. The grading was a test of all there skills in Taekwon-do from Tuls to sparring, self defence and destruction. Well done both

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